Cosine Similarity is using the cosine of the angle between two vectors to measure how close they are

If you have not yet completed the steps in Part 1 of setting up a Rails environment and pulling down the data from the API, please go back and read my last article here. Assuming you’ve completed these steps, let's continue on to the next part.

As mentioned in the…

Using Ruby’s Vector class, and some custom Rails methods

The Types of Recommendation Systems

There are 2 widely used systems to recommend products to customers, whether that product be physical goods like Amazon sells, television shows or movies like Netflix, or even other user’s profile pages like Facebook.

Collaborative filtering compares the likes, dislikes, and…


Recently, I have been working on more analytical side of web development, and have really been trying to understand what drives different user behavior.

Specifically, I have been focusing on one question that I find extremely interesting:

“Which user action is more correlated to user retention at the 1–months and…

A detailed explanation of React’s system for reusing component logic

Bruce Wayne is enhanced by his Batsuit like a Higher Order Component enhances a normal component (Source:

Have you ever been working in a codebase or been watching a tutorial online and come across something that looks like this:

export default withResponsive(Home)

Well then you already have encountered a Higher Order Component whether you’ve realized it or…

Redux is a state management framework and Firestore is a NoSQL database provided by Google


Redux is a state management tool for JavaScript, that makes it much simpler to maintain state in your application.

It is especially useful in React applications because it lets you avoid the behavior of passing props down through many different child components until it reaches a deeply nested component that…

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